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BAJI NYC is the organization’s headquarters and the home of creative local campaigns grounded in a commitment to Black family and community.

New York City has a rich history of Black social movement and BAJI NYC benefits from a rich tapestry of partnerships. New York City is home to the largest Black community in the U.S. and one of the most diverse in the world; representing all corners of the black diaspora. New York City has a rich history of self-determination from the many Black social movements the city spawned. BAJI NYC members volunteer their time to plan and participate in campaigns that involve public education efforts, direct actions, and the arts. The New York City chapter is a highly skilled collective of veteran organizers, cultural workers, and technology savvy Black immigrants and African-Americans.

New York City bills itself as a ‘sanctuary city,’ but there are serious limitations to the protections of Black immigrants in the city. One of the most problematic limitations is the over-policing of Black and immigrant communities. From Washington Heights to East Flatbush, poor people of color are targeted for minor infractions (such as subway fare evasion) which funnels many Black immigrants through the criminal system and then into the detention and deportation system. Across the city we have organized, mobilized and hosted events where Black immigrant community members redefine what public safety means to them. 

Safety Beyond Policing is our local flagship campaign to invest resources that would give full employment to youth, hire thousands of teachers and social workers, and establish restorative justice models in school. Through community centered programs such as the Swipe It Forward initiative we challenge police abusive and discriminatory tactics on our subways by offering free fares and declare that the real crime is incarceration and deportation. As a member of No New Jails NYC, a multiracial, abolitionist network of residents, community members, we are calling for massive investment to address the needs of communities targeted by criminalization instead of spending billions on more jails. When we divest from police and prisons and invest in our community we exercise our right to self-determination.

The organizing committee of BAJI NYC is a group of powerful volunteers committed to the entire journey of abolition. The membership advocates for the fullness of the Black community. Members attend monthly meetings and plan campaigns and events to advance a collective vision for transformation



  • SAFETY BEYOND POLICING – campaign to bring resources to local communities that would give full employment to youth, hire thousands of teachers and social workers, establish restorative justice models in school and provide hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding for NYCHA tenants association by resisting the surveillance of NYPD imposed “community policing and the addition of 1300 officers to the NYPD.
  • FREEDOM FILM SERIES – a powerful collection of conversations on Black liberation centered on films, food, and facilitated dialogue.
  • PRIVATE PRISON DIVESTMENT – a national effort to divest from private prisons many of which profit from the exploitation of immigrant labor.

NO NEW JAILS – Local campaign demanding $11 billion be invested into marginalized communities instead of the construction of 4 new jails.

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