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When we see police, we see deportations

Feb 16, 2022 | Abolition

By, BAJI staff

The disproportionate representation of Black immigrants in deportation systems is a result of the same racist policing of communities that are rooted in slavery and continue to harm African Americans. The reality is that racial profiling and policing funnels Black immigrants into the criminal legal system resulting in deportations. 

Black people in America are over-represented in the criminal legal system from arrest rates to sentencing. The same relentless machine that targets Black people in America also affects Black people who are non-citizens and makes them more vulnerable to deportation. The majority of Black immigrants who are facing deportation (76%) find themselves detained after contact with the local police and the criminal legal system aka criminal justice system. 

When we see police, we see deportations. 
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The data is from the Department of Homeland Security: 2019 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics