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Stop Attacking Asylum II: Keeping Up the Fight

Blog By, Erica Baganza Introduction: The Black Alliance for Just Immigration launches a Campaign for Asylum Advocacy: a campaign where we will outline how the Biden administration and Congress are attempting to negotiate legislation that contains an expanding list of...

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Why BAJI supports New York’s Dignity Not Detention Act

Blog By, Uchechukwu OnwaAll my life I have been fighting to survive. I fought my homophobic home country until I was tired. I then fled to the US to seek protection, and yet here I am continuing to fight for me and my community to exist. I am committed to continue in...

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Recap: African Migration Conference 2023

Blog Black Migrants in the Bay AreaBy, Najah SpringerThis past weekend, the Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI) was honored to partner with the African Advocacy Network (AAN) and Priority Africa Network (PAN) in the second annual African Migration Conference...

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Meet Aron, BAJI’s Paralegal

Blog By, Aron B. Oqubamichael I always look for opportunities to support the communities that I belong to. Right after my arrival in the US, I used my legal training to volunteer at the International Rescue Committee to support African...

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Asylum Ban public comment

Blog March 27, 2023Submitted via: DelgadoActing DirectorBorder and Immigration PolicyOffice of Strategy, Policy, and PlansU.S. Department of Homeland Securitytelephone (202) 447-3459 Lauren Alder ReidAssistant Director, Office of...

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BAJI Celebrates Black Women

Blog By, Erica BaganzaAs March comes to a close, BAJI highlights a few Black women who are immigrants or descendants of immigrants. Like other Black women before them and presently, they faced and continue to face discrimination:  sexism, misogynoir, xenophobia,...

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