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Black Alliance for Just Immigration Infuriated by 
NYC Mayor Eric Adams ‘No Room At The Inn’ Narrative 

NEW YORK, NY — This week, New York City Mayor Eric Adams proclaimed that the city has no more capacity to house asylum-seekers, declaring the city cannot accept any more migrants as it has already taken in 90,000 people who are (ironically) seeking refuge from governmental persecution. 

Speaking at a press conference at City Hall, Mayor Adams, in a corny attempt at cleverness, switched on a virtual ‘No Vacancy’ sign to highlight yet another cruel yet futile effort at swagger governance by his administration. Only months ago he wanted the city to exude an aura of faith and wanted NYC to be a “place of  God”.  Yet turning migrants away and announcing that there is “no room at the Inn” is hardly pious. This can’t be the same mayor who wanted New York to be the city of yes now telling Black and Brown migrants that it’s a city of ‘no’ right to shelter, ‘no’ right to running water, ‘no’ right to social services. 

Mayor Adams has been saying for months that the city has “no more room” for asylum-seekers while begging people to come back to New York City after many left during the pandemic. A recent report by the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that more than 468,200 residents left New York City between April 2020 and July 2022, accounting for a 5.3% decrease in the city’s population. The largest drop-off occurred between 2020 and 2021 when the population declined by just over 281,000. New York City needs more people to call the City home and should welcome new arrivals with support and solidarity, not dismissal and demonization.  

The removal of asylum-seekers, by Republican governors and the Department of Homeland Security, to arbitrary cities around the country is savage, but Mayor Adams’ actions are also heinous and even more cruel. Not only is Mayor “One-Term” Adams echoing right-wing talking points but he is being championed by white conservatives who see his migrant policy as “smart”. 

The Mayor’s strategy is dumb. It is inhumane and xenophobic. His nonsensical plan reveals a deep lack of understanding of both the determination of new arrivals seeking refuge and the nature of the only US city etched in a stone Lady Liberty that this is the place of refuge they seek.

To ensure livable shelter standards are met across the City, BAJI calls for the adoption of City Council Bill, “Minimum Standards for Emergency Congregate Housing”, introduced by Councilmember Shahana Hanif, to support the basic necessities of all who need emergency shelter, including Black migrants.