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strategic programs and activities

BAJI CLINIC (Cultural and Legal Immigration Navigation for Interdependent Communities)

Dynamic and Integrated Immigration Support Services for Black immigrants. Through BAJI’s newly designed and accredited program Black immigrant community members have access to reputable and affordable immigration legal services and education. Cultural competency in addition to accessibility is key.  Through a combination of in-house service provision and collaboration Black immigrants find support to navigate their unique circumstances while connecting to empowering organizing opportunities.

BAJI Gender Justice Program

BAJI’s new gender justice report, Our Stories and Visions: Gender in Black Immigrant Communities, explores the mental health and wellness of Black immigrant women and femmes. After conducting 84 interviews with Black immigrant women and femmes between the ages of 18-84, we have developed a report that examines how the various forms of systemic violence that Black immigrant women and femmes experience at the hands of actors such as law enforcement, medical practitioners and public benefits administrators impacts their mental health. Our report also contains a visionary component that reflects the kind of world that Black immigrant women and femmes would create if the structures and systems that oppress them were dismantled. The report is a testament to the power of community, storytelling and vulnerability. We are excited to share these powerful stories and visions with you.