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Florida Goddamn! Bills criminalize those who support undocumented immigrants

Florida Goddamn! Bills criminalize those who support undocumented immigrants

Florida legislators have introduced two bills, SB1718/HB1617, that if passed would be harmful to Black and brown immigrants and people who support undocumented immigrants. BAJI opposes these bills. 

Why BAJI Rejects these Bills

These bills criminalize Floridians who shelter, support, and provide transportation to undocumented immigrants, including those who have overstayed their visa or who have lived in Florida for decades and have US born children. 

House and Senate leaders plan on increasing penalties for businesses that hire undocumented workers, reducing their quality of life. 

The proposal would also require law enforcement agencies to collect DNA samples from migrants who are in detention facilities and require hospitals to collect data on whether patients are in the country without legal permission. 

These bills make it harder for immigrants to provide for their families, and harms businesses by authorizing Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) to conduct random checks of businesses to ensure compliance. 

This bill restricts migrant access to healthcare by prohibiting public funding for community IDs and requires hospitals to inquire the immigration status of Medicaid patients. 

These bills are an increasing attack on Black and brown immigrants that we are seeing around the country. This bill forces communities to choose between penalties and incarceration; and compassion for undocumented people. BAJI joins in the demand for freedom of movement and freedom to thrive for all undocumented people.