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An update from BAJI’s Communications Team

Jan 2, 2023 | Team Updates

By, BAJI Comms

Our communications team works alongside our legal, policy, organizing and leadership team in advancing BAJI’s voice. What a year it has been! We are excited to share with you some of our work, and look forward to the new year!

As the communications’ team at BAJI, we seek to disrupt global anti-Blackness by advancing BAJI’s policy, organizing and advocacy work, and magnifying the Black migrant experience. We do this by crafting narratives that center Blackness and the lived experiences of the Black Diaspora through storytelling, public education and narrative change.

Our popular education approach includes engaging with the public on core issues that BAJI is working on. If you follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter, you will have a clear idea of BAJI’s position on a variety of topics from: the Bronx fire that disproportionately impacted Black migrants, anti-surveillance, the imprisonment of Brittney Griner, the impact of the Ukrainian/Russian war on Black migrants, the gutting of abortion rights by the Supreme Court, prison and detention abolition among other things. You can find our statements here!

With our policy and voter engagement team, we published a series of “Get Out The Vote” videos in multiple languages to increase voter turnout and education. 

As you know, the experiences of Black migrants are hardly told. We have committed to telling these stories, from the perspective of Black asylum seekers trapped in Mexico due to US policy. Here, a Haitian migrant wonders why Ukrainian asylum seekers can cross the border while he cannot. In this video, Mexico is Hell for Black Migrants, you will hear from Ruben who describes what life is like for Black migrants. Watch out in 2023 for more from Ruben and others. 

Our communications’ team has been delighted to share and learn from the Black leaders in BAJI’s Black Migrant Ecosystem (BME), which is a monthly convening of Black people around the US working in the immigrant justice ecosystem. Our sessions on media training, telling your own stories have been well received. BAJI’s communications’ team also supports the work of the Until We’re Free table which is a convening of racial and immigrant justice organizations that address the criminalization, exclusion, and separation of Black migrants from family and community. 

Our revamped website provides an easily accessible one-stop portal for all who seek information on immigration and Black migrants.

BAJI’s communications’ team is proud of the work we have accomplished with our comrades and partners. We have a lot of exciting plans for 2023 and look forward to engaging with you!