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BAJI rejects voter suppression laws in Georgia SB202

BAJI Georgia voters supression

Illustration: Nse Ufot (The Georgia New Project) and Stacey Abrams (Fair Fight), both speaking to a crowd holding signs. Signs read: We March, Demand Voting Rights Now, Georgia Voter. Rep Park Cannon in handcuffs as she is being arrested by Georgia state troopers.


BAJI rejects voter suppression laws in Georgia SB202

Two things happened in Georgia last week.  

Governor Kemp signed a bill restricting voting access. This law places restrictions on voting by mail and gives the Georgia legislation control on running elections. 

In an act emblematic of voter suppression and political oppression of Georgians, state troopers arrested a Black legislator, Rep Park Cannon (D-Atlanta) as she protested the signing of the bill. 

Listen, this is white supremacy in manifestation. Sure, we knew that white supremacy would not go away with the ousting of Donald Trump as president, we are still outraged. 

At the same time, these events are a call for us to expand the reach of our organizing efforts and recruit even more people to fight for a freer Georgia. 

At this moment, the work is clear: we must continue to build our base to fight back and we must advance a bold and progressive vision of the kind of Georgia we want to live in. BAJI is doing just that and we are inviting you to join us. >>>>Follow this link to sign up!

In solidarity,
Lovette Thompson and Keron Blair
BAJI Georgia

Bring your cousins and em’ with you as well!