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BAJI is a human rights organization working at the intersection of racial justice and immigration justice.  Through our work we advocate for the nearly 10 million Black immigrants in the United States, while also engaging African-American communities on racial justice.  

Our programs and resources provide detailed research and education for impacted communities, and our chapters actively engage Black immigrants and their supporters.  

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BAJI has many strategic program areas, including:

  1. BAJI Organizing Committees (BOCs)
  2. The Black Immigration Network (BIN)
  3. Technical Assistance and Training (TAT) Program
  4. The Communications And Media Education on Race in America (CAMERA) Program
  5. Advocacy STAND (Solidarity and Taking Action for New Directions) Program
  6. The Faith Advocacy for Immigrants and Refugees (FAIR) Project
  7. African Diaspora Dialogues (ADD) and African American-Immigrant Dialogues (AAID)
  8. The State of Black Immigrants Research Institute 
  9. BAJI CLINIC (Cultural and Legal Immigration Navigation for Interdependent Communities)

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BAJi has a number of resources, including published reports, community resource guides, and resources in multiple languages.  Explore our resources page by clicking the button below.


BAJI’s framework includes domestic and international engagement, however, BAJI’s work is led through local communities in the United States.  Though working in various cities, BAJI currently has 5 active chapters.

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black immigration network

The mission of the Black Immigration Network (BIN) is to contribute to the social and economic well-being of U.S.-born Blacks and Black immigrants (immigrants to us means immigrants and refugees) by organizing in these communities, developing the leadership of Black people, and advocating for policies that benefit Black communities. BIN is a national network of organizations and individuals in the United States that works at the intersection of race, immigration and globalization. BIN also seeks to build alliances with other organizations and networks in immigrant communities and communities of color for mutual benefit.