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Solidarity Within the Black Diaspora in the US

Mar 13, 2024 | BAJI Comms

By, Najah Springer, Communications Associate

In typical US political fashion, governmental agencies have played a purposefully divisive role, pitting Black migrant and African American communities against each other. This strategy perpetuates a cycle of competition for limited resources and opportunities, fostering significant distrust between our communities and weakening our collective strength. By instigating disharmony and promoting competition, this divisive tactic undermines the efforts of the Black diaspora to address systemic challenges and advocate for equitable resources and opportunities.

Generations of African Americans, and later Black migrants have fought for the civil rights of the Black diaspora in this country. It is this sacrifice and legacy that we stand on. Our shared history navigating anti Blackness is complex, and involves discrimination and significant challenges. In recognizing our shared struggle against injustice, discrimination, and harmful stereotypes, we should look back to history and break down divisive barriers.  We  navigate the pervasive impacts of systematic racism. We encounter housing discrimination. We grapple with food insecurity. We confront a lack of access to educational opportunities. We face discriminatory healthcare practices. And many more disparities because of our Blackness. 

As Black people in America, solidarity within our communities is a powerful force for collective progress, forging a robust coalition to dismantle discriminatory structures, championing migrant and citizen rights, addressing educational and economic disparities, and enhancing shared experience. In fighting against discrimination, we unite to amplify our voices, confront systematic oppression, and strive for a more inclusive society for all Black people, bound by a shared thread of determination despite the nuances in our journeys.

What small and big steps do we collectively take to shape a future of lasting positive impact?