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Bring Samuel Home

For most Black immigrants, the police are the first contact with law enforcement and the deportation system, Black immigrants have the highest deportation and incarceration levels. Samuel is a Sierra Leonean immigrant who came to the US when he was only six years old. A green card holder, Samuel was deported, for a drug conviction, after having lived in the US for 40 years. Following his prison sentence, Samuel was detained for 566 days. He rebuilt his life after his incarceration and detention, was arbitrarily detained yet again, and subsequently deported to Sierra Leone where he has no ties. 

Today, Samuel is fighting to return to the US. As BAJI and his legal team work on bringing him back, we would like to share his story with you. Soon, we will be asking for your support. 

Check this page or BAJI’s social media on updates on how you can participate in the campaign to #BringSamuelHome.