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Hands Off Haiti

US must stop deportations to Haiti

On Saturday, October 15th, 2022, both the United States and Canadian governments sent armored vehicles to Haiti triggering the recurring fear of foreign occupation. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) operating in the country have warned that Haiti is experiencing its worst hunger in history as a deadly outbreak of cholera and armed gangs spreads through the country.  

The United States and the United Nations have a terrible history of imperialism and spreading disease in Haiti. BAJI’s position is steadfast: abolish US military occupations and stop the deportations to Haiti.

The recent calls for Western military intervention are continued efforts to punish Haiti for committing the “crime” of being the first Black republic.  Their help is not welcomed, Haiti’s existence will never be apolitical. Any intervention led by the traditional powers of the international community will bring the same type of results we are seeing today. We support international solutions that include and are led by Haitian people and that those new partners are given the opportunity to support Haiti in its time of need. Haiti does not need a repeat of the failed US interventions and invasions that have led to the current state of Haiti. 

BAJI recommends that to support Haiti, and the Haitian diaspora, the US must end all deportations to Haiti. The US also must respect the Haitian community and their right to self-determination and governance. The deportations of Haitians only worsen the existing political, public health, and economic crisis. 

Our second recommendation is that the US government improve the asylum process. On October 18th, one hundred Haitian migrants arrived by boat in Puerto Rico demonstrating the continued need Haitians migrants have for seeking asylum. The current practice of expedited removals violates the right to asylum. These migrants must be allowed to cross the border, have access to a hearing before a judge, access to effective legal representation, language accessible information, including timely access to documents, and time to prepare. 

Haitians, like all Black migrants, are seeking refuge from dire situations, and the best way for the United States to support asylum seekers from Haiti and other countries is to stop the use of the historical tools of colonialism and not criminalize migration. The US must allow Haitians to seek asylum and other protections here in the US.